BabyGEMS App

Personalized pregnancy information with BabyGEMS

The BabyGEMS app helps pregnant women and new moms track their baby’s health through every stage. BabyGEMS from Horizon NJ Health will be there for you and your baby to give you the information you need to take care of your health.

It’s easy to use — just enter your due date and your birth date — and the BabyGEMS app sets up your pregnancy milestones and provides resources and information about pregnancy and parenthood.

You can use BabyGEMS to:

  • Connect with Horizon NJ Health resources for pregnancy and early childhood;
  • Get milestones, week-by-week updates and daily tips for each step in the pregnancy journey;
  • Track your baby’s due date;
  • Keep a list of questions to ask at your next doctor’s appointment;
  • Look up symptoms and issues;
  • Get personalized healthy pregnancy recommendations; and
  • Use the Baby Kick Counter to track your baby’s movement.

After your baby is born, you can continue to use the BabyGEMS app to track your baby’s growth. Record your baby’s development with feeding, diaper and growth trackers, and find advice for new parents on sleep, swaddling, health and nutrition, postpartum depression, and more.

To download the BabyGEMS app, search “BabyGEMS” in the App Store or Google Play.